Vaya Complete Bike Specs

As we've got a new website being built for launch in two weeks, we won't have the Vaya on our regular site pages until then. But frames and bikes are soon to become available so we want to get some of the details out to folks that might be interested in them. -Kid

Below you'll find the specs for the Vaya complete bike.

Frame Vaya, Road Adventure, Salsa Classico CroMoly

Fork Vaya, Salsa Classico CroMoly, 1-1/8", Disc Only

Headset FSA Orbit DL Alloy, 1-1/8", Silver

Handlebar Salsa Moto Ace Bell Lap, 26.0mm, Silver, 50/52cm=42cm, 54/55/56/57cm=44cm, 58/60cm=46cm

Stem Kalloy AS-009, 26.0mm, 50/52/54cm=80mm, 55/56cm=90mm, 57/58cm=100mm, 60cm=110mm

Handlebar Tape Salsa Gel Cork, Dark Brown

Front Brake SRAM BB5 Road, 160mm Rotor, 6-Bolt

Rear Brake SRAM BB5 Road, 160mm Rotor, 6-Bolt

Brake Levers Shimano Tiagra STI

Crankset Shimano FC-4550-S, 50cm=165mm, 52,54,55,56cm=170mm, 57,58,60cm= 175mm, Silver

Chainring Shimano 34/50T, Compact Double, Silver

Bottom Bracket Shimano Tiagra Hollowtech II BB

Chain Shimano HG-53

Front Hub Formula, 32H, 6-Bolt, Silver

Rear Hub Formula, 32H, 6-Bolt, Silver

Quick Release Formula

Cassette Shimano CS-HG61, 9-Speed, 11-32T

Spokes DT Swiss Competition, Double-Butted, 2.0/1.8mm, Silver

Nipples DT Swiss Brass, Black

Rims 50/52cm=DT Swiss X430, 26", 32H, Black. 54,55,56,57,58,60cm=DT Swiss X470, 700c, 32H, Black

Tires 50/52cm=Continental Town Ride, 26x1.75" Wire Bead, Black. 54/55/56/57/58/60cm=Continental Tour Ride, 700c x1.6" Wire Bead, Black

Front Derailleur Shimano Tiagra, Silver

Rear Derailleur Shimano LX, Long Cage, Silver

Front Shifter Shimano Tiagra Double STI

Rear Shifter Shimano Tiagra 9-Speed STI

Seatpost Kalloy Radiused Top, 27.2 x 350mm, Silver

Seatpost Clamp Salsa Lip-Lock, 30.0mm, Silver

Saddle Velo w/ Salsa Embroidery, Brown

Chainstay Protector Salsa Leather

Color Upside Brown


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Mike Riemer

Mike Riemer

I love being outside. I prefer to ride on dirt. Or snow. If I was born a hundred years earlier I might have been a polar explorer. There's a great natural world out there to see, smell, taste, listen to, and experience. Life slows down out there and the distractions we've created will disappear if you let them. Give me a backpack and let me go.


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 Endo |

My LBS will be getting the UK demo/trade showbike as soon as it's available so I can see one in the flesh!

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 MG |

Thank you for using 32-hole wheels…

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 rperks |

is there a geometry chart that can be shared yet?

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 Hollis |

Hey component novice here just wondering about the components—are these a mix of road / mtn components? I'm trying to picture where these fit on the component spectrum: is Tiagra above or below LX or is one road and the other mtn? I know XT is high end mtn; LX is solid. I ride Campy Chorus on road and know these aren't Chorus but just trying to add up where this group fits I know you guys spec these for performance as well as price but just help me out here as I noticed the Fargo has a lot of XT components if I'm not mistaken.

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 Puerto Rico |

I liked the pun on the color name.  Saddle is 'Velo'.  I assume that means "Velo Enterprise Co., Ltd"?  If so, which of the Velo models specifically is on the Vaya? And does this mean the WTB Silverado saddles are now gone on future Salsa complete bikes? What drove the decision to go with a Velo saddle on the Vaya?  Nice color on the saddle, by the way.

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 Hollis |

Hey Salsa any comment re: components. Anonymous was hating on a bike and you all were answering him rapid fire. I would just appreciate a layman's take on how good (or mediocre) these components are. Thanks.

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 Tim Krueger |

Hey Hollis -

Sorry for not getting back to you.  We tend not to answer "how good are" posts since they are subjective to the user.

That being said, Tiagra is about equal to LX.  Shimano doesnt state exact equivelants, but Tiagra is what I would refer to as the "value oriented" group.  Right above it is 105 which is 10 speed.  Right below it is Sora, which is the base level group that uses integrated shifters. 

We chose Tiagra for spec because it is the last remaining 9 speed road parts from Shimano.  9 speed was necessary to be compatible with the mountain rear derailleur and cassette. 

On the same note, some have asked us why we moved from the 105 10sp group on the LaCruz to the "lower" spec of Tiagra on the Vaya.  The reason was pure function.  105 is great stuff, but there is no way to combine it with a large-range rear cassette without some serious monkey business.  The Tiagra spec was so that all the parts work together seamlessly. 

I ride Tiagra myself regularly.  And since it is on my commuter, it is actually the groupset that I put the most miles on.  The beauty of Shimano is most of the line is functionally identical, they just change materials and quality as they move up the line.  Meaning you get a great product that may just be a bit heavier for a great deal with Tiagra. 

Salsa Cycles
Product Manager

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 Hollis |

Thank you - very helpful. I can't wait to see what you guys have in store for the Ala Carte and El Mariachi. Keep up the great work. Appreciate this scoop.

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 tom |

Will the Vaya run 45's?

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Instead of going with Tiagra and a rear mtb derailleur and cassette, why not go with SRAM's new Apex compact road groupset, which includes an 11-32 road cassette and road derailleur option?  So with Tiagra that's road-mtb-mtb.  With Apex, it's road-road-road, with same gearing but lower weight than Tiagra. And it's 10-sp.

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Mimi | March 17th, 2010

Did you make it Upside Brown in honor of Sheldon?  If so, I think that is really cool.

Kid Riemer

Kid Riemer | April 1st, 2010

Ahhhh, I must be honest and say that we did not name the color Upside Brown in reference to Sheldon. I’d like to think that he’d appreciate this bike though.

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Max Beach | February 14th, 2011

I see that the Vaya has SILVER bell-lap handlebars.  Can I buy these seperately? I have a number of vintage/neo-retro bikes that would love to have silver bell-laps on them.

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Ryan | March 11th, 2011

Hey Max,

I have some Silver Bell Lap 46cm bars that I’m taking off my La Cruz.  They are 26.0mm clamp size.

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Max Beach | March 11th, 2011

If they are in good shape I’d be happy to buy them.  feel free to contact me - - .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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