Vaya Frame Geometry

Vaya Framesets and Complete Bikes are close to becoming available. Our new website is two weeks away so we are providing this information now to help those considering the Vaya. Hope this helps. -Kid

50 & 52cm sizes use 26" wheels (Geometry is shown using a 654mm diameter tire)

54,55,56,57,58,60cm sizes use 700c wheels (Geometry is shown using a 709mm diameter tire)

Seat Tube Length
50CM 450
52CM 470
54CM 490
55CM 520
56CM 530
57CM 540
58CM 550
60CM 570

Top Tube Effective
50CM 500
52CM 525
54CM 540
55CM 550
56CM 560
57CM 570
58CM 585
60CM 600

Head Tube Angle
50CM 70.0
52CM 70.0
54CM 71.0
55CM 71.5
56CM 71.5
57CM 71.5
58CM 72.0
60CM 72.0

Seat Tube Angle
50CM 74.5
52CM 74.0
54CM 73.5
55CM 73.0
56CM 73.0
57CM 72.5
58CM 72.5
60CM 72.0

BB Drop
50CM 50
52CM 50
54CM 75
55CM 75
56CM 75
57CM 75
58CM 75
60CM 75

Chainstay Length
50CM 440
52CM 440
54CM 450
55CM 450
56CM 450
57CM 450
58CM 450
60CM 450

Head Tube Length
50CM 120
52CM 135
54CM 150
55CM 165
56CM 175
57CM 185
58CM 200
60CM 215

Fork Length
50CM 380
52CM 380
54CM 405
55CM 405
56CM 405
57CM 405
58CM 405
60CM 405

Fork Offset
50CM 50
52CM 50
54CM 50
55CM 50
56CM 50
57CM 50
58CM 45
60CM 45

50CM 1016.5
52CM 1037.8
54CM 1039.3
55CM 1038.9
56CM 1049.2
57CM 1053.5
58CM 1057.9
60CM 1066.7

50CM 511.9
52CM 526.0
54CM 592.9
55CM 609.1
56CM 618.6
57CM 628.0
58CM 646.5
60CM 660.7

50CM 358.1
52CM 374.2
54CM 364.4
55CM 363.8
56CM 370.9
57CM 372.0
58CM 381.2
60CM 385.3

50CM 694.4
52CM 711.9
54CM 749.0
55CM 775.5
56CM 784.9
57CM 794.8
58CM 806.5
60CM 824.3


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Mike Riemer

Mike Riemer

I love being outside. I prefer to ride on dirt. Or snow. If I was born a hundred years earlier I might have been a polar explorer. There's a great natural world out there to see, smell, taste, listen to, and experience. Life slows down out there and the distractions we've created will disappear if you let them. Give me a backpack and let me go.


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 Jeff |

Thanks! So glad the 54cm comes with 700c's!

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 Momof8 |

VAYA gearing looks good to me…yes it does make sense. I ride a LHT and could enjoy taking the VAYA for a spin. Why is the bike spec'd with BB5 brakes? BB7's would be maybe a $20.00 upgrade for Salsa. It would cost the customer around $100.00 to replace the lower grade brakes. Shouldn't a $1500 bike have the better disk brakes?

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 Michael |

Why are there millimeters? Why can't there be inches?

I know the metric system is "cool" and so very Euro, but, I learned the US Standard system and it's frustrating to see mm everywhere. 

But I do acknowledge that you have inches on the actual pages.

Thank you for that.

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 MG |

Nice… This is very good.  You guys rocked the geo on the Vaya!

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 Kevin |

Road bikes are always in metric.  it makes it easier to compare road bikes from all the brands. 
I 2nd the suggestion for BB7's.  Best mech discs out there by a mile (2.2km), so why not use them? 
I'm glad you're going with a compact crank.  I've got a triple on my LHT and it's just a bunch of redundant gears with a wide geared cassette (12-36 9spd is available from Shimano now - that's crazy wide!)
Glad to see the expansion of your road rides.  Peace.

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