2020 Salsa Cutthroat Bicycles, Framesets, and Aftermarket Forks

A select production date range of the following models are affected:

Cutthroat bikes, framesets, and forks affected in recall: GRX 810 Di2 Bike - 29”, Carbon, White / GRX 810 1x Bike - 29”, Carbon, Bright Green / GRX 600 Bike - 29”, Carbon, Teal / Apex 1 Bike - 29”, Carbon, Pink / Apex 1 Bike - 29”, Carbon, Raw / Cutthroat Frameset / Carbon Deluxe V2 Fork Matte / Carbon Deluxe V2 Fork Gloss / Forks with a letter “G” in the serial number are within the scope of this recall. “G” indicates an affected fork

In some instances, the fork can crack or break which could lead to a crash. Stop riding your bicycle immediately and take it to a Salsa Authorized Retailer for inspection or replacement if necessary.

For questions, call our toll-free number: (877)-774-6208,
Or contact us at:

Download printable PDF (373kb)

Download CPSC Press Release PDF (555kb)

Done in cooperation with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission

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