Andrew Cottrell

Andrew Cottrell

Industrial Designer

What kind of cyclist are you?
I lean towards mountain biking for sure, but riding for me has always been about getting out in the woods with a bunch of people that I enjoy spending time with. The fact that this happens on two wheels is just a bonus.

How long has cycling been a part of your life? When did it become more than just “riding a bike”?
I’ve been riding bikes my whole life. Mostly tinkering around the skate park when I was a kid and using bikes as a way to get from point A to point B throughout college. Riding bikes started to become a bigger part of my life after I graduated. I can remember riding through downtown Milwaukee when I was living there for my first internship and just feeling this weird sort of connectedness to the environment that you can’t get when you’re in a car or some other vehicle. I think that was when it really became more than “just riding a bike” to me and led me to get more into mountain biking and exploring that way.

The cycling accomplishment you’re proudest of to date?
Last summer riding DH for my first time and making it out in one piece.

Favorite place you’ve been on a bike so far?
Does the liquor store count? But seriously probably Colorado trail. Beautiful views with amazing weather – you can’t beat that.

Favorite place to daydream about that you haven’t yet ridden?
Probably Alaska or New Zealand.

How do you describe what the bicycle means to you?

How will your future as a cyclist unfold?
I’d just really like to push myself to ride things and places that I haven’t before. I want to see where a bike can go, and maybe find that line of where they can’t.

Who inspires you and your riding?
I think a lot of it is the people that I get to be around every day here. There are so many ladies and gents with such storied experiences that it’s hard not to be inspired and just be like hey, I really want to be a part of this.

Favorite Salsa model and why?
Currently, Horsethief. Why? I’m told because I haven’t ridden Bucksaw yet.

Favorite pre, during, and post ride/race food and bevvies?
Pre: scrambled eggs with any kind of meat and cheese
During:  gummy bears
Post: Vanilla Milk Shake if I’m shelled… then beers, otherwise straight to beers.

When you’re not cycling…
Probably playing with my dog Molly.

What don’t you leave home without on a ride?
Tube. I’ve made this mistake too many times.