Gravel and Gratitude

Part 2

Part 2

Freedom, adventure and self-sufficiency. This is why I ride bikes. In a world so dominated by motor vehicles and technology, my bicycle represents simplicity, a way to see the world powered by nothing more than my legs, imagination and loads of carbs. I am a Brazilian landscape and adventure photographer living in Colorado, who is passionate about storytelling, coffee and long days in the saddle.

I grew up riding a yellow 26’ aluminum hardtail mountain bike on hard packed gravel roads through farms and old villages with my dad in Brazil. I remember feeling a strong sense of freedom by being able to ride from one town to the next. In a lot of ways, my riding style has never really changed.

The majority of the riding I do starts and ends at my front door and most often has multiple coffee stops along the route. You know you live in an awesome place when you can head out from your apartment, hop on your bike and go for epic rides without burning any fossil fuels. To illustrate such, the highest paved road in North America sits just 100 miles from where I live. I just love how diverse the terrain is in Colorado.

“Bikepacking became my outlet to see places, experience different lifestyles and meet new people”. 

I started bikepacking as a natural evolution of my love for backpacking and endurance riding. There is something really special about putting all you need inside of a backpack and being 100% self-sufficient in the outdoors. It turned out that it’s the same for bikepacking, with the added bonus that you get to see so much more. Bikepacking became my outlet to see places, experience different lifestyles and meet new people.

Unlike backpacking, where I tend to end up in the wilderness, most of my bike trips are spent exploring small towns and experiencing different cultures. I often say that people are generally much nicer to you when they see you travelling by bike. They always approach to ask where I’ve come from and where I’m going to; and due to my accent, the next common question is always, “So where are you from?”, which I always answer proudly: “Brazil!”

Storytelling is another big passion of mine. I deeply enjoy documenting my personal  experiences in the outdoors. My value for simplicity spills into my creative work as a photographer in a sense that I seek honest moments. I strive to photograph scenes that tell a story of the place and the human connection with the landscape. Capturing the moments that make up such incredible experiences fuels my passion for storytelling and getting out on my bike.

I’ve come a long way since I’ve lived in Brazil. I had never thought that the yellow hardtail I rode through the countryside back home would take me as far as Colorado. I am grateful that I get to explore the land around me on two wheels and capture it as I go. The simplicity of pedaling will fuel me for many more miles to come.