Have Dirt, Will Travel


Introducing Redpoint

150mm Travel, 27.5 Trail Bike

The combination of Eastern British Columbia geography and the desire to pedal up and push hard on the descents made Redpoint ideal for this trip.

No stranger to big mountain riding himself, engineer Pete Koski envisioned a bike that was an extension of our venerable Horsethief (the 120mm travel 29er). He explains his criteria: “Take the all-around balance, feel, and climbing efficiency of that chassis, then add a little more travel to allow for harder, faster riding in the steepest of steeps where Horsethief maxes out.”

“I also wanted to keep things from getting long and cumbersome by reducing the wheelsize from 29 to 27.5” while also shortening the back end.”

The result is a 150mm 27.5-wheeled bike that pedals and climbs like other shorter-travel XC-trail bikes, but has the chops to handle the rough and steeps like an all-mountain rig.

Redpoint is available in two carbon frame build levels and one aluminum build. All of them are ready to carry you further into previously unforeseen realms.

Trail-Specific Suspension Travel

150mm of Split Pivot® rear wheel travel is tuned with a more progressive feel than our other bikes. This makes for a bike that climbs and pedals more efficiently than the travel might suggest, and offers an increased amount of support in the mid-stroke and end-stroke ramp-up for aggressive riders that are looking to charge hard in big terrain without over-riding the suspension.

Versatile Wheel & Tire Options

Redpoint is designed for use with 27.5 x 2.3 – 2.5” wheels and tires, but is also compatible with 26+ (26 x 3.0” tires on 45-50mm wide rims)

Redpoint Geometry

Low-slung with short 430mm chainstays, Redpoint is agile in tight terrain and rails through corners. A 66.9° head angle is just right; slack enough to the take full advantage of the bike’s travel and charge the descents, but also allows for stable and well-mannered bike on the climbs.

Modern Fit

Redpoint is designed for a modern trail fit. This means a short stem, wider bar, and longer effective toptube are used to place the rider in the same position they are familiar with on their older trail bike. This results in a more precise steering motion due to the stem, lots of front wheel control with the wide bar, and plenty of front-center length and cockpit room for fore-aft body movement when things get rowdy.

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British Columbia
Made for Mountain Biking

Salsa engineer and Redpoint designer Pete Koski, Canadian rep Aaron James, and photographer Scott Haraldson packed up and headed out to Eastern British Columbia to ride, shoot, and experience the high alpine and thick wooded forests of the Kootenays.

James laughs about the timing. “After one of the warmest summers on record in B.C., September was supposed to be perfect. Cool temps, and a low chance of rain. But that changed. We unknowingly timed our arrival with that of the leftover fuel from tropical storm Kilo.”

But they were there to ride, and weather wasn’t going to deter them.

Rain or not, he chalks the whole endeavor up as a success. “The people we met and rode with are some of the kindest and most welcoming folks I have had the opportunity to spend time with. The terrain is rugged and rich with resources. Frisby Ridge, Bragg Creek, New Denver, Fernie, and the list goes on. There are some amazing trail builders we met by chance, and we’ll forever be grateful for their work and vision. I look forward to coming back again and again.”

As the shooter, Haraldson had his work cut out for him. “The Redpoint trip with Aaron and Pete was a marathon of adventure! As a photographer, you deal with what Mother Nature gives you, and this time around, it was sun-smothering smoke from regional forest fires followed by lots of rain. But all said and done, capturing the glory of this part of the world aboard two wheels was among the most fulfilling work I’ve had the privilege of doing. The setting is so pristine that scoping shots is hardly necessary—nature just presents itself to you on a silver platter.”

For the trail knowledge, camaraderie, and stoke fueling in all the spots they hit, they’d like to thank:

Ryan Draper and the folks at Rebound Cycle in Canmore
Mike Gravelle at Skookum in Revelstoke
Stephanie and Morgan Taylor, from The Radavist, and their dog Denver
Mark Gallup and at The Guides Hut in Fernie
Derek, Erik, Chris, Trevor, Tommy, Dan, and all the crew at Calgary Cycle, Pure Cycle, 22x, and Road