Can I put aero bars on Salsa carbon road handlebars?
Sorry, but no. Salsa carbon road bars were not designed to accept aero bar add-ons.
Can I put bar ends on the Salt Flat or Rustler Carbon handlebars?
Sorry, but no. You should not use bar ends on our carbon handlebars. They are not designed for bar end use, however clamp-on grips are just fine when torqued to the manufactures specifications.
How do you measure Salsa road handlebars?
Salsa measures our handlebars from Center-to-Center, right where you would normally put your Brake/Shift levers.
How do you measure Salsa stems?
Salsa measures stem angle (or rise) by stating the angle of rise the stem has when placed on a vertical steerer tube.

Salsa measures stem length (or reach) by stating the distance from the center of steerer clamp to center of bar clamp.
Salsa says its frames are designed around a certain length of travel fork. Can I run a fork with more travel than what Salsa recommends?
No. You should not ride with a longer than recommended travel fork. We state the recommended fork length because the frame is designed to be used with that length for two important reasons.

1) The bike will handle best when used with the fork length it was designed for.

2) Frames are designed around a certain length fork so that they have the proper strength requirements to withstand the use they will occur. When you put a longer than recommended fork onto a bike, you increase the leverage the fork is applying to the frame, and thereby increase the load that the frame needs to handle. The frame may not be able to handle this increased load and could then fail.

Please use common sense when building up any bicycle. Frames are designed with specific intent. Don’t try to turn your frame into something it isn’t. This is true for all bicycle brands, not just Salsa.
Do you have a Crash Replacement Policy?
Yes. If you crash and destroy your frame during the warranty period we might be able to offer a discounted purchase on a replacement frame. Please take your frame to your local dealer and have them contact us to work out a solution and get you back up and running again as quickly as possible. You must go through a bike dealer to utilize our Crash Replacement Policy.
Is there a rider weight limit on your frames?
No, but we do suggest that you use common sense. After all, your frame is an important part of keeping your body intact and in good working order. Think about what you weigh, think about your riding style and where you ride, then look at frame offerings before you and decide what makes the most sense in the long term. This doesn’t just apply to Salsa brand frames. The smart end user considers this no matter which brand of bicycle he or she is choosing.
How do I contact Salsa?
You’ve got two choices. By telephone call 877-MOTO-ACE. Our phone hours are 9am – 5pm CST Monday through Friday. Or send an email to support@salsacycles.com.
I need a custom stem. Will you make one for me?
Sorry, but we are no longer in the custom stem market. There are a small number of custom builders out there that we would encourage you to contact. Fire up Google and see what it spits out!
Can I get my frame painted differently than what you show on your website or change some parts around?
Sorry, you can’t. Our dealers can sell you a frameset if you want to do a custom build. The sky is the limit!
I’m a bicycle dealer. How do I become an Authorized Salsa Dealer or get listed on your website?
Thanks for your interest and support of Salsa. We would love to talk to you about the programs and advantages Salsa offers to Dealers. Please call 877-MOTO-ACE and we will give you the rundown on all we offer.
Where is Salsa located?
6400 W. 105th Street, Bloomington, MN 55438
Where are your frames made?
Where are your frames made?
After designing every aspect of our frames in Minnesota, most of our frames are built in Taiwan. Beargrease Carbon frames are manufactured in China.
I live in another country than the United States. How do I buy your bikes, frames, components, and clothing?
We have many international distributors and importers and are adding more all the time. Check out the Dealer Locator to see if there is someone in your country. Or perhaps there is a distributor close by who will sell to you.
I don’t see your products in my local shop. Can I buy them straight from you?
We don’t sell directly to consumers because we want to support the backbone of our sport, the independent bicycle dealers (IBD’s). We sell our bikes and frames through Salsa Authorized Dealers. These dealers have made a commitment to supporting our brand and in return we send you to them. Our components, accessories, and clothing are available in the United States to most bicycle dealers through our distributor, Quality Bicycle Products (QBP). While your dealer may not have the item you are looking for in stock, they can most likely order it for you.
Do you have replacement frame stickers?
Sorry, we don’t have frame decals available. They are applied at our paint shop at the time of manufacture, and are designed to go under our clear coats.
Do you offer touch-up paint?
Sorry, we don’t. We suggest hitting up your local Scale Model store for some of those little glass jars of Enamel model paint. Those are cheap enough to buy several bottles in case you need to mix some to get just the right shade! You can also try taking your frame to an automotive paint shop supplier. They should be able to make you a pretty good match so you can cover up your scratches.
The little black plastic thingy on my skewers is worn out. Where can I buy a new one?
Most shops that sell our skewers will have replacement little black plastic thingys, more dryly known as a “Delrin cam follower” If the shop does not have these, just drop pman@salsacycles.com an email and we’ll be happy to mail you a pair. You can expect 5-7 years of use out of them before they wear out.
What is your warranty on your bikes, frames, and components?
Salsa's Warranty
Can you send me stickers?
Sure, just send us a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope with a note asking for some free stickers and we’ll get some sent out. Mail your request to:

Attn: Sticker Request
Salsa Cycles
6400 W. 105th Street
Bloomington, MN 55438
Do you offer touch-up paint?
No, we do not offer touch up paint. Hobby shops or automotive stores are excellent places to find paint. We suggest you test the paint on a scrap piece of metal before using it on your frame.
How do I take care of my suspension fork or rear shock?
Please see the manufacturer’s website and follow their instructions for care and maintenance.
What is the warranty for this bike?
View Warranty
I crashed and dented (or cracked) my frame. Is it safe to ride?
Stop riding your frame immediately and take it to the nearest Salsa authorized dealer for inspection. A dented or cracked tube represents a structural weakening of the frame, and is a safety risk.